TRANSPORT – International Transport Law Instruments

H. Schadee (1974 – 1982)                    
M.H. Claringbould (1983 – 1995)                   
T. van der Valk (1996 – )                     
J.E. de Boer (2005 – 2012)                   

T. van der Valk & J.E. de Boer (red.), TRANSPORT - International Transport Treaties            
The Hague/Boston: Kluwer Law International (ISBN 90 6544 9035)


  • Introductions 1974, 1986, en 2016
    English introductions to the two publications on paper of 1974 en 1986, and to the publication online of 2016.
  • Chronological table
    Chronological table of all the texts of conventions and standard terms and conditions included in the database. This table is best to use when the user has exact or approximate knowledge of the date the relevant text was concluded. The texts may be called up via hyperlinks. 
  • Systematical table
    Systematical table of the conventions and standard terms and conditions. The texts are grouped in the following classifications: Maritime Law, Inland Navigation, Air Law, Road Transport, Transport by Rail, and Miscellaneous, in which there are certains sub-classifications such as Transport of Goods, Transport of Passengers, Third Party Liability, in order to help the user find the right text when the date the text was concluded was not clear to the user. The texts may be called up via hyperlinks. 


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